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You need to do proper analysis, statistical regression, to work that out. What’s worse, Dawkins knows that. Nelson Jones  thinks  Dawkins makes a weak case: The reason for this isn’t an international conspiracy and it’s ridiculous to view it as some sort of failure on the part of Islam.
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A female giant panda cub is picked up in a nursery room of the China Conservation and Research Center in Wolong, southwest China’s Sichuan province, on August 9, 2013. The cub was born on August 8 and weighs 117.2 grams.  STR/AFP/Getty Images.

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The Easy Way to Lunch

As a few students exclaimed when our small bus pulled in front of the main house, the photos on their website are far from doing justice to the beauty and warmth of the place! We are lucky! What an incredible experience we’ve had! I need a few days to gather my thoughts and rest my body, but I promise to be back with pictures and words about it all. I sense you will love it.
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Bonne fête à toutes les mamans ! Mother’s Day, la fête des mères, is only celebrated on May 26th in France, but one time is never enough to show the appreciation and love I have for my mother, and for all of the things she taught me. Including bringing me into the kitchen to cook with her.
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La fête des mamans

Le pique-nique You may recall that last summer, I was very lucky to collaborate with the very sweet Karen Mordechai from Sunday Suppers to teach a food styling and photography workshop and lead one of her successful suppers in her fabulous loft in Brooklyn. Her studio space is gorgeous! I am very pleased to announce that I will be teaching a two-day food styling and photography workshop at Sunday Suppers again the weekend of September 7th and 8th, 2013.
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Mise en place for the salade composée Yesterday, as I walked into the kitchen with a hungry belly after a morning spent in the garden to plant, I looked for a quick solution for lunch. I had a bowl of blanched fava beans kept for another cooking project, and local asparagus bought the afternoon before. Quinoa, I knew, would be fast to prepare.
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Terrorist Plot Foiled After Concert Security Taps Woman’s Purse

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A woman takes aim with a Beretta shotgun at an exhibit booth at the George R. Brown convention center, the site for the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual meeting in Houston, TexasAlex Altman

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Terrorist Plot Foiled After Concert Security Taps Woman’s Purse
ANAHEIM, CA—Claiming that thousands of innocent lives had been saved, authorities announced today that a plot to bomb the Honda Center was successfully foiled Thursday evening after a concert security worker lightly tapped a purse with his hands, revealing several hidden explosives. “I grazed the outside of her bag with my fingers for a split second, and I could immediately feel the IEDs in there,” said Anthony Corvine, the heroic 31-year-old security staffer who identified the threat while manning the arena’s bag-check line. “We’re specially trained for this sort of thing, so a brief touch of any purse or backpack and we’ll know exactly what’s in there. People say I’m a hero, but I was just following our standard, highly effective purse-tapping protocol.” Sources confirmed this is the second such terrorist plot recently foiled at a major stadium, after security at New York City’s Barclays Center quickly patted the front pockets of an attempted suicide bomber last month.

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Job Growth Remains Sluggish, Or Rather, Akin To A Slug

These are all words sources would use in this instance, although perhaps not sluggy, as that’s not really a word people use. Of course, sources could always just say that domestic job growth is “slow-moving,” as that would also be accurate, but reports indicate that that’s a little prosaic, and, especially where journalism is concerned, it’s helpful to use more colorful language when describing these dry economic topics. You know, try to breathe a little life into it. Although, hold on, it just occurred to sources that another good way of describing the state of the job market would be to use boats. So if job growth were up, you’d compare it to a really fast speedboat.
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Facebook passes $38 initial public offering price


During the April-June quarter, businesses increased their spending 4.6 percent after cutting by the same amount in the January-March period. And spending on home construction grew 13.4 percent, in line with the previous quarter. At the same time, the federal government cut spending only 1.5 percent after slashing it 8.4 percent in the first quarter. And state and local governments spent more for the first time in a year. Still, government cutbacks have weighed heavily on the economy the past 12 months. Over the past four quarters, the economy has grown at just a 1.4 percent annual rate. But if you exclude federal, state and local governments, the private sector has expanded at a much stronger 2.3 percent rate. The �ongoing fiscal drag is masking private sector health,� said Joseph LaVorgna, an economist at Deutsche Bank, said. The weaker growth in consumer spending last quarter was significant because consumers account for about 70 percent of the economy.
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That�s up from zero in the spring of 2012 and from 30 percent in the January-March quarter of this year. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last week that the company has �made good progress growing our community, deepening engagement and delivering strong financial results, especially on mobile.� Still, Facebook has room to grow. Research firm eMarketer expects Facebook to increase its mobile advertising revenue more than fourfold to more than $2 billion this year. This would give the Menlo Park, California, company a 13 percent share of the global mobile ad market, up from about 5 percent last year. Facebook is currently No. 2 in mobile ads, well behind Google.
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Pillow Cement iPhone Rest by Snarkitecture

I am loving this new geology and rock-inspired wallpaper line from Interiors by Element. I’m a huge fan of anything geometric, stylized faux wood and colorful so this is all those things wrapped up into one awesome design that I’d love to see on my walls. Each design comes in three colorways, too.
Prism in frost


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I am totally in love with this design  by Snarkitecture . It’s basically a cement pillow rest for your iPhone. It simply holds your phone and looks like a soft pillow, but really it’s a hard piece of cement designed to perfectly fit your iPhone (and maybe some other phones, too).
It has a small cutout underneath so you can run your cable on the underside. Each one is hand-cast in Brooklyn.

For full version, visit http://design-milk.com/pillow-cement-iphone-rest-by-snarkitecture/