Pillow Cement iPhone Rest by Snarkitecture

I am loving this new geology and rock-inspired wallpaper line from Interiors by Element. I’m a huge fan of anything geometric, stylized faux wood and colorful so this is all those things wrapped up into one awesome design that I’d love to see on my walls. Each design comes in three colorways, too.
Prism in frost


For full version, visit http://design-milk.com/fresh-milk-daily-pick-geology-wallpaper/

I am totally in love with this design  by Snarkitecture . It’s basically a cement pillow rest for your iPhone. It simply holds your phone and looks like a soft pillow, but really it’s a hard piece of cement designed to perfectly fit your iPhone (and maybe some other phones, too).
It has a small cutout underneath so you can run your cable on the underside. Each one is hand-cast in Brooklyn.

For full version, visit http://design-milk.com/pillow-cement-iphone-rest-by-snarkitecture/


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